What can Creative Kinesiology do for me?

The cells in your body hold a memory of being in a healthy state. Any physical or mental symptom is a sign of an imbalance in your system. In Creative Kinesiology we trace symptoms, such as tiredness, allergies, anxiety, depression,physical pain, complex illnesses, etc., back to its origin. This also applies to the loss of physical and mental abilities (such as being able to hit a golf ball, memory or speech). Using the bio-feedback mechanism of your body, we communicate with your innate wisdom to identify what is keeping you from being in your natural healthy state. We then let it guide us step by step to bring you back to it. 

What is Creative Kinesiology?

Creative Kinesiology is a holistic therapy that uses muscle monitoring (bio-feedback) to look at what may be causing 'imbalances' in the body, mind and energy system of a person. Using a blend of Ancient Chinese Traditional Medicine and Chiropractic it addresses all levels -  body, mind, emotions, nutrition, energy systems, spirit and soul - aiming to bring them back into balance and thereby restoring health.


What happens in a Creative Kinesiology session?

There is an initial consultation so that you can explain what is happening for you. Then I  will look at how your energy is running and what could be imbalancing or blocking your energy system and causing your symptoms. This could be anything ranging from an actual physical problem, to something nutritional (eg a food intolerance), to an environmental influence, to your feelings about a past event, to an ancestral inheritance or a spiritual issue. 

Monitoring your muscle tone in response to each question we ask your body, we discover the story behind your symptoms and  what  the best thing is to do so that you can feel better and get on with your life. This may be bodywork, changing diet, energy balancing or a myriad of other gentle non-invasive techniques and treatments.

You will be entering a process of re-adjusting, which takes time. I therefore recommend at least three sessions of Creative Kinesiology initially.  However, if you have achieved what you want before the 3 sessions or you find Creative Kinesiology is not working for you, you can let me know and I'll celebrate with you. 

Some people continue with Creative Kinesiology on a regular basis. Others come when they need to be functioning optimally or want help making transitions in their life.